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The #MommiesOnAMission Social Media Content Bundle

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My TOP 5 Content Creation & Social Media Management Trainings

Normally $605

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What's Included

Content Is Cash Academy

100 Days Of Content In Minutes

The Social Media Content Template

The Ultimate Guide To Content Creation & Social Media

Content Creation 101 Masterclass

100 Days of Content In Minutes - my exact strategy for planning my entire year's worth of content in just a few minutes without stress. PLUS I’m giving you examples for each section of the workbook to help prompt you to create your own HIGH-Value content that sells for you.

Social Media Content Template - I’m sharing my exact social media posts that took my business from 1K months to well over 10K+ consistent months. PLUS I’m giving you my tips on attracting your ideal person into your network without the "Hey lady" messaging.

The Ultimate Guide To Content Creation & Social Media Management - In this guide, I’m showing you exactly how to create and effectively share high-quality content without the stress and worry if you're "doing it right". PLUS I’m giving you social media post examples that you can customize for your business.

The Content Creation 101 Masterclass - a 3 day training with step-by-step detail on how to take 1 single topic and turn it into hundreds of different useable content bits. PLUS I’m giving you examples for each section to take all of the guesswork out of creating useable quality content.

Content Is Cash Academy -

Module 1 -> Know Your Ideal Client

  • Defining Your Perfect Client - like the nitty gritty you probably missed
  • How to talk specifically to that perfect client
  • How to make that person feel like your only person
  • Marketing research techniques so you know what it is your audience wants from you

Module 2 -> Defining Your Message

  • Mastering your brand message
  • Stand out as the EXPERT in your field
  • Who you work with, What you offer, How your amazingness changes lives
  • How to share your story (you have one I PROMISE)
  • How to make your story social media friendly
  • How to show your perfect clients that you're a badass in your field

Module 3 -> Get Your Clients

  • How to find your ideal client
  • How to be attractive to your perfect client
  • Getting your perfect clients to trust you

Module 4 -> What to Talk About In Order To Make Sales

  • The 6 Different Types of Post's You Should Be Sharing
  • How To Come Up With Your Content EASILY

Normally $605

Buy now and get it all for $97

Please note: Due to the digital nature of these products, we do not offer refunds.

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#MommiesOnAMission Business Builders Bundle

#MommiesOnAMission Business Builders Bundle

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: What you’re doing to get clients isn’t working. Let me show you how to actually run a stress-free mompreneur business (without being or feeling sleazy or spammy!)
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